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Discover the hinterland of Rimini

Medieval villages and breathtaking landscapes

The hinterland offers villages romantic, views, unmissable and fascinating fortresses, palaces, towers and castles. The story is carved in every alley, street and square that told the story of battles and conquests.

Santarcangelo di Romagna

The old core on the Jupiter mount

Santarcangelo is situated ten kilometers from Rimini. A complex and mysterious system of caves and tunnels underground through it. The rocca malatestiana (malatesta fortress, the colored houses and narrow streets create picturesque corners and there's no shortage of charming eateries where you can stop to drink a glass of Sangiovese, whose name is said to come to this mountain.


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Verucchio is a small village, symbol of the Malatesta family. It offers, besides the beautiful castle and the historic centre, an archaeological museum that contains many artifacts of the villanovan culture: the funerary objects found are true, and its windows opened on a world that no longer exists. The thrones and the dishes kept are perfectly preserved. See also the hamlet of Villa Verucchio.


The fortress inhabited by the ghosts

The castle of Montebello is famous throughout Italy because it is said that hotels in the spirit of Azzurrina, a little girl that lived here and from here, disappeared in mysterious circumstances in the second half of the FOURTEENTH century. Beyond this fascinating story, the castle retains a medieval and a renaissance with original furnishings. Possibility of guided tours.

San Leo

The imposing castle jail

The village is perched on a huge outcrop of rock and is accessed by a single, narrow road carved into the stone. Here you will find the Duomo and the church, well worth visiting, as well as the imposing fortress , where Cagliostro died. Here were also other great personalities, such as Dante -that was inspired to imagine his Purgatory - and St. Francis.

San Marino

History, shopping and breathtaking views

The small, independent State located on mount Titano, the top of 739 meter above sea level. From here you can enjoy an incomparable view on the adriatic coast. Walking through the streets of the center, we will be able to devote to shopping and you can admire the churches and the palaces of power, to make a leap in the past that you breathe in all of San Marino.

Montefiore Conca

The medieval capital of Valconca

Montefiore Conca is one of the most charming villages of Valconca and one of the villages of the Italian most beautiful. It is dominated by a castle of the geometric and imposing, dating back to the 1300's. She is surrounded to it, there are nice homes willing to petals around the castle: an architectural construction is really fascinating. Also, from the Fortress you can admire beautiful sunsets.


The city of music festivals

Saludecio, province of Rimini, is located on the green hills of the Valconca valley near to the border of marche. Saludecio is known to be the theatre of important events as Saluserbe and the 800 Festival. The country is worth a visit, walking the streets full of elegant buildings, impressive churches, but especially the colorful paintings on the walls of many buildings.


A leap into a past rich of history

The village has a lovely square, circular, and a real natural theatre, that makes it the perfect city for events and outdoor shows. Here take place, especially during the summer, important and engaging historical re-enactments. To visit the beautiful malatesta fortress, while the paleontological museum hosts an exhibition of pottery and ceramics.

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